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  • Discover Klip@

    Klip@is the evolution of the traditional clip
  • Shake, Talk and Clip

    Three small gestures to riceive a notification when your bell rings and you can't hear it.
  • Shake, Talk and Clip

    Three small gestures to remind you, on your phone, that the water is boiling.
  • Shake, Talk and Clip

    Three small gestures to remind you, whith a notification, not to forget your lunch.

Introducing Klip@

In the physical world many events, more or less relevant to our personal life, happen while we cannot be nearby or, if we are there, we cannot pay continuous attention. Our baby is waking up and crying in the cradle, the water starts boiling in the pot that we put on the stove, someone is moving the bike that we parked “just for a minute” outside the shop, our kid is leaving the playground while we are chatting with other parents, our colleague collected the documents that we left on his desk. None of these events fully justifies our continued physical presence and attention, however, the only way to know promptly when they happen is to be there, physically. So, we would need a part of us, a physical friend, to be pinned where things will happen or could happen, ready to inform us promptly. Klip @ does this for us. And then, at end of the activity, we simply remove the clip and it is ready for next use. It is a very familiar and natural tool to use.

Klip@ in 3 steps

Klip@ is the evolution of the traditional clip. Klip@ is a standard clip empowered with sensors, connectivity and local intelligence, which reinforces and extends its ability to do things for us when we are not there. To “wake up" your Klip@ you shake it, tell it in spoken words what’s the task at hand, clip it in place, and off you go. If and when the specific expected events happen, Klip@ alerts you on your smartphone. Activated by 3 simple gestures:


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Contact us

Klip@ is on sale on Indiegogo.com. If you want to follow our evolution and receive updates on the project, leave your email. If you want to contact us write us! klipat@devais.it

Klip@ Skills

Technical specifications

To add local intelligence, connectivity and awareness to a standard clip, we developed a small but very engineered electronic board. We gave Klip@ some ears for acoustic capabilities (microphone), an electronic heart (microcontroller), a 3D printed plastic exoskeleton, and finally a feeling of the external environment (accelerometer).

Klip@ App

Klip@ was born for multiple uses.
As a team, in the design phase, we imagined that we could use it in everyday life and also in the industrial sector.
But we thought that simplicity and freedom of use would be the real assets of our friendly sensor.

We are creating an App that allows each of us to invent new uses.
To do this, just follow these actions:

  • SENSE. Think about a new use and trust in its sensors.
  • PROCESS. Set up the App by choosing one or more sensors to be activated according to use.
  • NOTIFY. Activate Klip@ by shaking it, talk to it to describe the action, clip it where needed and wait for a smartphone notification.

Our Team


Founder & CTO









About us

Marco is an electronic engineer with 15 years experience in professional design of high-end IoT devices and systems for the industry, with a great passion for playing Rockabilly on his guitar. One evening he was looking at a pot of water on the hob, waiting impatiently for it to start boiling. In that moment, he thought it would be nice if a clip sensor, pinned to the handle of the pot, could send a notification to his phone as soon as the water was boiling, so that he could keep working on his latest song in the meantime.
Marco thus began to design a technological clip that could help people saving time in everyday life, and he started looking for friends to be able to carry out the project. First to join the team were Mario, master of electronic design, and Francesco, the youngest member of the group, but with a very impressive know-how in developing embedded software. Now there was only a little bit of entrepreneurial experience missing. Marco therefore brought on board Ettore and Luca, entrepreneurs who, since the 80s, have developed a series of successful companies in various fields of information technology.