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In the physical world many events, more or less relevant to our personal life, are happening while we cannot be there or, if there, we cannot pay continuous attention. Our baby is waking up and crying in the cradle, the water boils in the pot that we put on the stove, someone is moving the bike that we parked "just for a minute" outside the shop, our baby is leaving the playground while we are chatting with other parents, our colleague collected the documents that we left on her desk before leaving the office.
None of those events fully justify our continued physical presence and attention, however, the only way to know promptly is to be there, physically. So, we would need a part of us, a physical friend, to be pinned where things will happen or could happen, ready to inform us
promptly. Klip @ does this for us. At the end of the activity, we simply take the clip and it
is ready for next use. Nothing is more familiar and natural to use.

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