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Marco is an electronic engineer with 15 years experience in professional design of high-end IoT devices and systems for the industry, with a great passion for playing Rockabilly on his guitar. One evening he was looking at a pot of water on the hob, waiting impatiently for it to start boiling. In that moment, he thought it would be nice if a clip sensor, pinned to the handle of the pot, could send a notification to his phone as soon as the water was boiling, so that he could keep working on his latest song in the meantime.
Marco thus began to design a technological clip that could help people saving time in everyday life, and he started looking for friends to be able to carry out the project. First to join the team were Mario, master of electronic design, and Francesco, the youngest member of the group, but with a very impressive know-how in developing embedded software. Now there was only a little bit of entrepreneurial experience missing. Marco therefore brought on board Ettore and Luca, entrepreneurs who, since the 80s, have developed a series of successful companies in various fields of information technology.